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Las Lomitas Hot Lunch FAQ

What is the Las Lomitas Hot Lunch Program?
The Hot Lunch Program is a service of the Las Lomitas PTA, offering lunch five days a week to students in 1st through 3rd grades. To participate, families can purchase lunches from our vendor, Choicelunch, using an online ordering process. All food preparation and delivery is handled by Choicelunch. Daily lunch setup, service, and cleanup at the school is staffed entirely by Las Lomitas PTA volunteers. Note that lunches are not available on holidays or minimum days.

How do I sign my child up for hot lunch?
First create an account with Choicelunch. The registration code for Las Lomitas is "atherton". Once you have an account, log in to the ordering site to view menus, order lunches, and check order status.

What food choices are available?
A variety of hot and cold entrees are available for pre-order. Each entree is described in detail, along with a photograph, on the vendor's Web site and in their iPhone/iPad app. To complement the entree, children are also able to choose their own fruit/vegetable, snack and drink during lunch service in order to complete their meal. We realize that every child has food likes and dislikes, so we encourage families to check in with their child regularly about which lunches they prefer, and to submit feedback as often as possible in order to help our vendor fine-tune the menu offerings. All Choicelunch menus exceed standards set by the National School Lunch Program and California Senate Bill 12 (please see the web site for nutritional information).

When and where does my child get their hot lunch?
There are two lunch seatings for Las Lomitas 1st through 3rd graders. Depending on their seating, students are dismissed for lunch either from their classrooms or from the recess area, and teachers direct the hot lunch students (those who have placed orders for that day) to the hot lunch area behind the library. The hot lunch area is staffed by PTA volunteers who help serve the children their pre-ordered entrees, and supervise and assist the students in choosing fruits/vegetables, snacks and drinks. Children then walk to the lunch tables to eat with their classmates.

Can I set my child up to automatically receive hot lunch every day or on days when their favorite lunches are available?
Yes, you can use the EasyOrder feature provided by Choicelunch to rank your child’s entree preferences and choose the regular days each week you want to order - the Choicelunch computer does the rest! More details are available on the EasyOrder page and flyer.

Are hot lunches available for purchase if my child forgot their lunchbox at home?
Our volunteers have a limited number of "emergency lunches" to offer to children who forgot to bring a lunch from home that day. However, we can't guarantee that one will be available (or that it will be your child's favorite food!). If emergency lunch entrees are not available, we offer cereal or other snacks, or direct students to the school office for assistance if needed. Sign in to your Choicelunch account page to select an Emergency Lunch Preference - our volunteers will only be able to offer an emergency lunch to your child if you have chosen the "auto-charge" or "bill me" option.

What's the deadline for ordering or changing/cancelling an order?
Please see the Choicelunch FAQ.

How can I help support the hot lunch program?
If you're available to help serve lunches 2-4 times per month, please consider volunteering! It's a fun way to be a part of the students' school day, and to get to know other Las Lomitas parents. Sign up online or email the program coordinator. A TB test is required of all volunteers. Another way to support the program is to provide feedback on your child's pre-ordered entrees by logging into the Feedback page. Reviews submitted online are reviewed regularly by the Choicelunch team.

Is there someone to contact if I have questions?
Yes, your input helps us improve the program! Please let us know if you have comments or questions. For food-specific questions, Choicelunch can be reached at Outreach is available; please contact Sue Sartor.